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Hey Nunnelly! Thank you for your honesty, I appreciate that.

1) I'll try to improve the illumination.
2) I'll put more tutorials to help the player to understand what's going on. Maybe when he walks near something new, like an upgrade or new weapon, the time stops and the help is shown. I think it will help to avoid what you said about the rush of reading and avoiding the enemies.
3) The solid colors for the meshes are actually a limitation of mine. I'm doing the project alone and I don't know how to make hand painted textures or how to mix already made ones so they can look nice together. I need to study more about art or work with someone.
4) Sorry for the loud music, I'll fix that.
5) I'll also fix the prices. I agree with you, they are really expensive right now.
6) There are more enemies and there will be more (thank you for the suggestions btw). They appear on higher levels. The first new one is shown on round 5.
7) Currently there is only one way of getting health, but I'm planning to make other alternatives.

Thank you so much for the criticisms, I'll do my best to improve the game.
I took a look at your portifolio. You have awesome works. Congrats :)