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Really cool idea, and the effects are awesome (though a bit over the top haha).  I love that the pieces of your past lives still hang around and are physical objects instead of just disappearing into nothingness.  However, a problem I had was that the bombs felt a little inconsistent, sometimes bringing me near dead in one hit, sometimes just budging me a little though both times they were about the same distance away.  For the most part though, that wasn't that big of an issue, and save points were distributed often enough that I didn't become frustrated whenever I died when I was trying to.  Overall, it fit the theme quite nicely and uniquely, and I enjoyed it enough to complete it :)

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah, the camera shake when you commit suicide was too intense, but it was way to close to submission deadline to fix. It is completely absurd lol. I am glad you enjoyed it!