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A great game you have there ! The visuals and feel are really nailed down and it gives your game a lot of personality. You also have a really good use of the theme. This is one of my favorite game of the jam !

Since I really liked it, here's some things that I feel could make it even better :

There's too many enemies. I ended up not using the deflect offensively at all, but only escaping and defending with it. This is because there was so many projectile I didn't have time to aim for the cool deflects and feel like a badass. Instead, I let the enemies kill themselves while I tried to dodge the projectiles.  Have less enemies but make each of them a real threat.

The Projectiles sometimes didn't deflect where I thought they would. This contributed to the issue about not being offensive enough. I didn't want to be offensive because I didn't feel it was 100% accurate.

As mentioned in the other comments, you could probably unzoom a bit, perhaps even move the camera toward where the player is aiming if the cursor is at the edge of the screen.

Anyway, great job on the game, you did an amazing job !