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Much has been done in 2 months, this looks really promising :)

Some more comments/questions:

  • why are there so few farms ?
  • why are the farms so far from the city/town ?
  • is it possible to border the farms' fields ?
  • will there be heightmap/mountains ?
  • what about trees/forests ?
  • could small towns have chapels instead of massive temples ?

It's a town/city generator, not a general map generator. For this reason I don't care much about anything beyond its borders and farms are there only to make an empty space around a bit less empty :). Waterbodies are different of course because they affect a city shape, but forests do not. In the beginning I considered  adding a heightmap to generate a city according to it but then rejected the idea (for many reasons).

I'll try to fix temples in future versions, because their often wrong size is not the only wrong thing about them...