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Now here's something totally new. I don't think it necessarily suits the theme, all the mechanics just seem like a regular part of a game. That said, this game concept is incredibly creative.

I find the controls much too difficult to control however, I can't seem to grasp how to properly control the marionette. With some extra work this could turn into something very cool, regardless of whether it fits the theme or not. It's hard to understate how neat this concept is.

I immediately picture a mobile game where you control 2 strings separately to swing the marionette around, or perhaps keyboard keys that change it's pose and thus it's movement.

Yeah, touch controls could be neat, although I think a lot more would have to be reworked to make it work on smaller screens. We definitely missed the target on the implementation, but I think the concept is pretty neat too. Thanks for your comment, very constructive :)