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Seems very much like a single purpose. Although the mechanic is interesting, it only does one thing and there's only one way to use it.

The characters look pretty fun although I can't make sense of some of them.

Mostly I see potential, there's some good ideas here but they're not working very well in my opinion.

The idea was that the same mechanic could be used for movement to protect yourself and access new areas, attacking by means of getting things to destroy each other, and puzzle solving. So even though it you can only use it one way, it does serve multiple purposes, at least to me. 

I agree though, it's not quite at the state I would have liked. Didn't have time to get too far into puzzles/level design and there aren't as many enemy types as i would have liked. I wanted to make some enemies that couldn't be swapped, or had to be hit from certain angles. Also wanted to try making an enemy that would have the same gun as the player and would try to swap with the player while it was on top of traps. Ended up getting a little limited just because art would have taken too long. 

Thanks for playing.