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The idea seems interesting, but it's killed by the limited view range. You can hardly see anything above or below, thus it's very difficult or impossible to avoid dogs that are walking towards you, especially since you can't do anything about your scent. The lazy camera makes it all the worse since the fox can practically touch the edge of the screen while going fast. The game by nature is somewhat strategic, so I think there's no reason to limit the view at all, it could be decent fun to figure out how to navigate around dogs while avoiding them catching your scent, even if you could see the whole map at once (not saying you should).


Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate you taking the time to play our game and write down your thoughts.

We had the viewport dimensions set wrong on the page and it was cutting off the edges of the game. We just fixed that, so it should be a little better. The camera's still too close, but we're working on an update for after judging ends that will have a wider view.