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The idea is really cool. I needed a little bit to figure out how the game works and what I have to do. After that it was fun to play. I also like the graphics and how the character looks like.

After a while the character was always dashing to the ground, no matter which button I pressed. So I wasn't able to gather any more juice and could only walk around. I also had to end the game with [ALT] + [F4]. So maybe I found a bug?

Just one point for improvement: It was too easy. Would be great to have more different enemies.


Thanks for playing and commenting!

We are aware you can get stuck in the down slam. The programmer did find the problem and the solution, but sadly a few hours after the game jam. We also completely forgot to implement an exit option. Not uncommon in a jam, we had too little time to polish the mechanics. This also goes for the balancing of the difficulty. :)

Thank you for the kind words on the game and style though!