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How do you get the best ending? I don't know how to communicate well with people in real life so every dialogue choice just leads to Blitzen and Santa arguing about him being a 'sellout'.

I mean I already have to deal with my mother trying to invalidate my complaints when I have genuine complaints with her such as the way she keeps trying to say the way I speak is wrong, saying all of my franchises I like are usually 'phases that I will grow out of' and even saying I'm wrong about myself even though she probably knows nothing about me.

Hi MegamiTensei!

There are multiple ways to reach the best ending. You can avoid that argument entirely, but you don't need to -- it's possible to bring the conversation back on track.

In general, pay attention to the attitude each choice has. Is it dismissive of Santa? Does it throw blame around? How honest is it? Think about which will yield better results.


When Santa asks "So that's how you feel about your old man?", a Flappy Bird segment will start. One answer will have a clearly different attitude than the rest. Keep flapping until you find it!

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment! Happy Holidays!