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My friend, this far from "sucks". It actually starts up and plays which is far better than my first ever jam submission! A turn based, top-down rogue-like where moving gives you health and you have to use this to fight otherwise difficult enemies is actually a very interesting concept. This could make for a fairly simple little game if you were to develop it past the first 2 levels (look to Crypt of the Necrodancer for ideas on a simple top-down rogue-like).

Jams are a learning experience, no-one expects you to make something like Downfall in 48 hours!

I highly recommend doing more Jams because the more you do the faster you get through your games. You don't need a whole team to develop all the crazy stuff you see in these submissions, you just need the knowledge, the experience and even more importantly, the willpower. You got to the end and submitted an, admittedly short, completed game. Be proud of that achievement! Such a large percentage of people never even get that far! They shoot too high and burn out quickly.

Last point, since you're in this jam I shall assume that you're watching Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit videos.  That's already a step in the right direction towards making games (though Extra Credits is good too ;) ).


Thank you so much! I really have self esteem issues...


Don't we all? ;)