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Ok game, didn't feel as fast paced as claimed. The atmosphere was kind of boring and felt a little depressing for the wrong reasons. I feel that this dash mechanic could have more purpose/impact in the game.  I didn't feel in any way in danger a few minutes in and you could probably continue forever, assuming the difficulty doesn't ramp up for more than 5 minutes (I only played for 5 minutes).

If this whole concept could be pushed harder this game potentially could turn a few heads. I appreciate the effort put into it, but I have to not think about the time constraint too much when reviewing - this is a game review and not a watered down excuse of a review. GOOD JOB. I rate 2/5 stars overall. A simple generic arcade game to pass time.

Also, I got a score of  3308 before getting bored and calling quits:

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v 2.0 is online!


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The feel of the game, I used your feed back. :)

Wait are you still within your deadline? Can you do this to your entry?