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I played the game for about half an hour and found it fun, but also a bit... claustrophobic.  The UI seems too big (for my tastes) and the keybinding is scarce and odd.  I would prefer movement be WASD, the attack keys be 1234, Spacebar to interact with people and pick things up, and keys for the various menus (I - Inventory, etc.).  I found myself moving a lot between two hands on the keyboard and then reaching for the mouse and then back to the keyboard.  

If you utilize the numpad's 1234 for attack commands (as well) while using the standard WASD for movement, that would solve possible problems with complex attacks while moving (which I assume is why you have the odd setup you do).  Or keep the option for movement with the arrow keys as well.  

Also, the first town I went to, I found too sprawled out.  It was hard to navigate because most of the time there is so much empty space between buildings that there is literally nothing on the screen except a grassy field.  And I think the chat screen would be a bit easier to read if the usernames were a different color than the text being said.

Other than the UI being too bulky, the awkward and lack of keybinding (I had to ask in chat how to pick an item up or talk to an NPC), and the sprawling fields with buildings here and there, I did enjoy the game.  But at this stage of development, it seems a bit too.. claustrophobic... for my tastes.  I get the sense of this large, open world all around me, but my ability to interact with it is overly cumbersome and limited.


I agree, and I honestly don't understand why people don't do this. It's like the absolute norm of gaming. WASD, mouse aiming, 1234 for abilities, etc is how most games are set up and I feel like making the controls all weird just drives most players away.