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Exactly, and now I believe it's time to add the mouse to aim all around. I really truly believe it will be overall better. It works for the side scrolling game because it is a side-scroller. This game is no longer a side-scroller.

You're welcome! Good luck with the game!

Yeah I can see where you were going with that. The problem is that the game isn't just a side-scroller, You can move vertically too so you need to be able to swing that way. Other than that it was really good. If you can change that a little I think it will do well.

Awesome! Nice job on the game though. I seriously loved it and will definitely buy it. If you need help with making the english sound better, let me know.

This game really is pretty bad. No dash, movement is too slow, first level is too little so I can barely get any weapons, guns run out too quickly,  the first boss is basically impossible, too many things spawn in around him and launch too many things, with no dash its pretty much impossible. You really need to rethink these mechanics. Dying over and over again to the first boss because movment is so slow, no dash, barely and health, and guns running out of durability too fast is not fun.

There needs to be some kind of dash, pretty impossible to outrun some of the projectiles. You need some way to dodge them.

I agree, and I honestly don't understand why people don't do this. It's like the absolute norm of gaming. WASD, mouse aiming, 1234 for abilities, etc is how most games are set up and I feel like making the controls all weird just drives most players away.

Kinda sucks, you cant look up and down to swing, only side to side so you constantly die to things coming from the top or bottom. You need to make it so you control the sword with the mouse and make it so you can look around and swing a full 360 degrees, and use WASD to move, only being able to swing two ways really ruins the game

It's a really good game, but I think you should be able to keep your items that you find or buy if you go back to the top. Kinda makes it pointless to keep buying things  just to lose them all if you leave. Obviously  if you die you lose them.

Actually think I figured it out, pushed the map button and then put an x on a different island and it let me go. But the "Hull resistance" upgrade doesn't work at all?

Theres like no way to leave the ports? Push "E" to anchor, but then how do you leave? You just get stuck there...