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This is my first time ever commenting here I've made an account just to express how much I'm in love with each character and their uniqueness  and ur story in general.

First let me start by the art it's absolutely beautiful the background, the art scene everything on point the colors combination ,also the atmosphere of the game  words can't describe how much of a fan I'm of it it makes me feel like I'm inside of the games,and ofc the writing wich is rare to find this kind of aesthetic with good plot and writing you're truly talented the choices the routes...

My favorite is Reed I'm in love with this man truly his design personlity I'm so excited to see how the next chapters gonna be and I'm so sad to know we're close to the end :( .

Anyway thank you so much for ur efforts and time and especially it's free I wish I can support you but your girls here a broke college student anyway take care and wear your mask 💜

Btw do you have any recommendations good visual Novels no cliché cool ones like yours


Your kind words are the best kind of support, honestly. It means a lot to me that you took the time to let me know how much you enjoyed Perfumare.

Don’t be sad! Once Perfumare is finished, I’ll be working on the extended story in another format (Interactive Fiction) and the sequel with a new MC. And after all that, I still have a couple of project to make!

Thank you, take care of yourself as well! ❤️

I have 2 rec lists, though I have to warn you, I read more Interactive Fiction than I do Visual Novels. But I am sure you’ll find something to your liking: [List1] and [List2]. Have fun!