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it's an interesting concept but battle tends to drag with every attack being animated and kind of long for how many times you're going to have to spam it because of accuracy. There's no items or any type of combat progression system so there's not much work around in combat you're just kinda either gonna spam abilities to kill or spare over and over. The right side of the map was open as well but once I went over there and killed the eldritch dude chick with the messed up arm and big vampire dude I lost the ability to go where I was on the left side of the map probably skipped when it shouldn't have been posssible or something. It's a neat darkest dungeon type game but it's really missing a progression system to make the battles feel rewarding and less one dimensional.


Hi there,

Thank you so much for feedback on this project, I appreciate it a bunch, A lot of the issues that you have spoken about has been flagged with us, and we are working to create something faster and more strategical for the final release. Your feedback is actively helping us make the game better, so I appreciate it a bunch.

As a side note, we now there was an issue with two levels that shouldn't have been open, being open. This has been remedied in the latest update, We are incredibly sorry for the confusion.


All good! Definitely look forward to giving the fuller release a try ^_^ good luck with the final release!