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i don't exactly know why, but the thumbnail picture reminded me of an old filthy japanese adult video in which two porno bitches vomit on themselves, it should also be noted that the remembrance factor was probably enhanced by the sudden foreboding that the girls in the thumbnail picture also look to be quite ready to dispense ludicrous amounts of projectile vomit onto each other, and if you look at the cunt on the left, it sure looks as if she's going to spit her damn teeth out aswell.

i mean i don't exactly know what else you can do in this particular position, it looks like they're kissing and unless one of them's got a DNA rifle hidden back there somewhere in their pocket there's actually a small amount of chance that she's plowing her right here and there. then she could also just be smelling her breath for some damn reason because her nose is right on top of that gaping mouth ready to swallow goddamn titanic. damn.

by the way, does the hand on the right belong to the girl on the right there aswell ? i can't help but imagine the freaky gestures she's truly pulling out of frame, and the memory attached to that one is something of a starbucks whore going "ah ma gaad, i juss last ma selfon" all over again, and the other cunt is shocked at this displeasing revelation. is that one observing a worthwhile spectacle located on the ceiling ? she's surely looking up there aswell, and unless DNA rifle, there's no reason other than boredom to be doing that.

by the way, what's this game about ?