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Ok the error is gone and it kinda works now, but it loads the variables on wrong instances.
The saving seems fine, but it loads the variables on random instances of the parent object.I believe I am doing something wrong, where exactly am I supposed to put that code?I put them on a parent object, as the it didn't work in the create event of a controller object.(I use the *variables* tab on objects in the room editor to assign some of them names as *secret_boss_room*, I haven't tried the creation code maybe it works better I will try it today)

Edit: Ok when I assign the variables through creation code it works just fine!It is the PreCreate/variable definition event that doesn't seem to work.Now that I think about it, I am not even sure if it is supposed to work with those.I am more than happy with creation code, just leaving this here in case it is a bug and you may want to fix it in the future.

If what you are doing works in regular (non-roompacked) rooms, please send me a sample project via email/discord/etc.