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This is quite great! Controls are responsive, character feels great to control, audiovisual loop is well implemented, soundtrack and overall vibe feel great, and levels are fair and fun to play! I really like the concepts and mechanics portrayed here, especially the switching in rotation between the two walls and with the trees. There are a couple of improvements to be had, however:
- Level difficulty progression is quite off. The first level is a great introduction, but after that comes a level that requires a lot more player skill (the one introducing the spikes) than has been built up in level 1. Level 3 then is a lot easier and calmer (which is why I think it should have been level 2), while level 4 and 5 are harder again, with the 4th one again being harder than the 5th one. The levels are fun and serve their purpose well, but your evolution in difficulty and concepts - level 5 combines things from level 1 and 3, while 4 combines all 3 -is all over the place. 
- The pattern on the spikes can be quite unforgiving at times, especially in level 2 considering that is your first time engaging with them.
- I do not quite see the dual mechanic come through. You can make a case for the jump both serving to change lanes and change the player rotation, but overall the dual purpose design is a bit vague/ambiguous. 

Other than those points, I had a blast playing this. It's a fun and elegant little experience, that I can see working quite well on mobile devices. I encourage you to go through with it and get to the point of actually releasing it properly, you already have at least one person interested in trying it out again! :D