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Please see this post here:

You shouldn't need to install visual studio but the DLLs instead. Also try restarting your computer once you've installed them.

Please let me know if you need more help.

OH yeah i meant the redistributables, that was the post i followed first before making my own post and nothing changed, not even a restart

In that case there might be a few other redistributables missing:

1. 2012 C++ Redistributable
2. 2013 C++ Redistrubutable
3. DirectX

It is unlikely that #3 is missing, so please try 1 and 2 first. If these work we'll update the FAQ with more information since this seems like a common problem.

grabbed pretty much everything from the redistrubutable page and directx, restarted, and still the same error :( 

The only other thing we can think to suggest is to try downloading the Steam version of the demo instead:


ah! that did the trick, steam got all the redists and stuff that i apparently didnt have and the game launches fine on both itch and steam! thank you!

Great! We hope you enjoy!