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on MacOS Sierra here.. didn't have Java, so installed it as per request, still wouldn't run the game. any suggestions?

Programmer on this project here. I'm still on El Capitan myself, and haven't tried it on Sierra. Make sure that the version of Java installed is 1.8. It won't work on earlier versions. If that isn't the problem, try running the game via the terminal (with the java -jar anubis-multi.jar command from the install directory) and let me know what it prints out.

I -love- the comics you and Harmarist make together. Also, the idea to make a furry game was great, but I would love to see this concept expanted... ever thought of doing an RPG something along the lines of Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger? Or maybe a fusion of both? It doesn't even have to be a yiffy game, I just love the art style and I think you both would make an amazing 16bit era styled RPG.