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I’ll start with this: The dev team affirms there is zero place for racism and xenophobia in our world. No person should feel unjustly prejudiced, stereotyped or discriminated against as a result of any personal characteristic or affiliation. Naturally, this extends to the perception of people from China in regard to the coronavirus pandemic.

With this is mind, it’s fair to say parts of our submission don’t represent this. I’ve updated the cover art to more accurately portray what our game is about, and we’ll look at what changes to make to the opening level (in line with game jam rules, though I don’t foresee this being a problem).

It’s fantastic to hear you appreciated the game mechanics—the majority of our focus was spent here, making something unique and fun, so it’s nice that it shows in the final product! We have lots of ideas on better integrating this mechanic, unfortunately only able to get a few implemented in the timeframe. As for not being able to get anywhere if you don’t have enough virus cells, you can hit the restart button top-right at any time to have another try at that level.

Thanks for commenting!

Thanks for responding to this review even though it was critical! :)