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Thanks for responding to this review even though it was critical! :)

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I can't run this game because I don't currently have a windows machine but it looks neat. Would be cool to see a recording of it or something.

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In 2020, nobody wins :D

(In Garbage Man, you can win if you bury the other player in garbage.)

Yep, downside of making local multiplayer games. Unfortunately, I really like to play them, and it seemed less precarious than trying to make an AI in 48 hours!

I played this game for a little bit, unfortunately I'm VERY bad at 'bullet hell' style games so I didn't get very far. I like the movement control, it feels really unique. I don't like how I can't get anywhere if I don't get enough viruses into the blob though. I like the emojis as graphics (good way to save time). The collision detection seems good, so I feel pretty sure that how bad I am at this game is related to my own skill and not glitchiness. In terms of the execution of the theme, having read about things like this, I feel uneasy about the focus on Wuhan-as-the-origin-of-the-virus in the main image for this game as well as the main activity of the China stage being dodging Chinese cultural symbols.

All in all I am more impressed with the particles, movement controls, etc than the game that has been produced.

I am going to avoid rating this because the game does not run properly in my browser and I can't get the controls to work, but nice job on making an entry and I hope I can try it out properly sometime.

I am not sure how to play this game, but I can give advice for the issues of the arrow keys: after processing a key press, you need to do e.preventDefault() on the keypress event to stop the browser from scrolling the page around.

I am using the latest version of FireFox on Linux.

Thanks so much for the video review.  I've had lots of people test my game but I haven't been able to hear what they're hearing as they play it before, which is really valuable for me as a developer.

I do intend to make a sequel which takes into account the feedback I got from making this game, though it'll probably be a while in the making. I'm glad you were able to appreciate the game despite its limitations.

I'm not sure how to improve this game in that regard because some people find it really easy and some people find it incredibly difficult. But I plan to use a third-party audio positioning library in my next game, which will hopefully improve things.

I will admit that the zombies were a bit of an afterthought and this whole game is a tech demo of sorts, and if I hadn't had the time limit of this also being a college project it could have ended up more polished. Originally, there was a backstory, but it sort of got pushed aside when I realised how much time I really had when I also factored in coursework, etc... I think that the next game I make will be a massive improvement on this, probably with a proper story, etc. Hopefully whenever that comes out, you'll be able to play it and let me know if it's actually  better!

Anyway, thanks for the review. I appreciate people letting me know what they think, so that I can improve. It can be hard to read sometimes when it's very negative, but failing is the first step towards succeeding, right?

Take care!