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Here's a link to a side by side comparison in case I'm not making nay sense. Need help setting the grid for the terrain tool. Thanks!

Hi lee510, thank you for purcashing our assets pack! 

If you want the grid size to be 24 x 24 pixel, when created new map make sure you change the tile size both widht and height to 24. Hope that helps :)

I'm sorry I can't open that link because in my country imgur is blocked. If you aploaded somewhere else then we can look into it.

If you have anymore question please let us know!

Thanks for the reply. However, my question is not about grid size. What I need is information on how to setup a terrain brush with Tiled Map Editor. Placing tiles one by one will take forever as I have about 30 total levels to create. Below is a new link. Thanks.

I updated the tileset so that it's working with terrain tool. Please download the tileset again. :)

Thank you for doing that! I really appreciate it. This tileset is  awesome!!

You're welcome.