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Sorry, my paypal got disconnected from this site, but now it's alright so you can try to purchase again.

If you still encounter same problem please let me know. Thank you very much.

I don't think so my paypal account is just fine. Somebody just sent me payment about a week ago, there was no problem.

somebody also has this issue before, so sometimes this happen. I don't know what's the problem.

no. It's only 24 x 24

Not in the near future. I dont have much time these days, sorry.

no, just walking and running. Each animation has 6 frames.

You're welcome.

I updated the tileset so that it's working with terrain tool. Please download the tileset again. :)

Hi lee510, thank you for purcashing our assets pack! 

If you want the grid size to be 24 x 24 pixel, when created new map make sure you change the tile size both widht and height to 24. Hope that helps :)

I'm sorry I can't open that link because in my country imgur is blocked. If you aploaded somewhere else then we can look into it.

If you have anymore question please let us know!

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Hi crablue! Thank you for purchasing our assests pack. :)

You can use this tileset in map editor program such as tiled or game engine such as RpgMakerMV or any other game engine.

If you have anymore question feel free to leave them in comment below


thanks :)

yes sure.

Thank you :D

Thank you very much.

That would be nice. Good luck.

The pixelation is community for pixel artist. However, Tileset aren't necessary to be pixel art. You can for example create a tileset with digital painting or vector image.

If you want to make tiles you need to learn how to tiling, grid, etc. The youtube video that I mentioned before was my starting point. It explain how the tileset works and how to tiling them.

I don't have any tutorial video. If you want to learn, there's plenty online tutorial that can help you. This is one of them Also

Also There's online community that can help you. Pixelation is the great place to start.

Thank you :D

Thak you :D