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I had to comment as this game is just stunning on every level! I'm a big retro arcade shoot 'em up fan (I collect old arcade cabs and PCBs) and I can't recall the last shoot 'em up to feel like a true 90's arcade classic. You've nailed it on every level. Like the person below, I came here searching for a way of donating money to the project or finding a way of paying for the game but I see you have a Kickstarter coming which is great news indeed. Consider me a backer and someone that will spread the word around!

Good luck with your continued development, I can't wait to see more of this game!

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Thank you very much! We're working very hard in order to make a game that looks, sounds and feels as close to the arcade classics as possible, so we're always very pleased to get this kind of feedback from retrogamers. We're about to complete a new demo build, which we're going to release very soon. We'll soon announce the Kickstarter's launch date as well, so keep an eye on our social pages!


Fantastic, I'll keep my eyes peeled! Good luck!