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Thank you very much! We're working very hard in order to make a game that looks, sounds and feels as close to the arcade classics as possible, so we're always very pleased to get this kind of feedback from retrogamers. We're about to complete a new demo build, which we're going to release very soon. We'll soon announce the Kickstarter's launch date as well, so keep an eye on our social pages!

Thanks! One of the main reasons we started doing this was having exactly the same wish, so we ended up making it ourselves! We're doing our best and we're always happy to see you guys so excited by our work!

If you want to support us, there will be a way to do so very soon, as we are setting up a crowdfunding campaign that will be launched in the next months. This will give us the chance to fully focus on the game and speed up its development, which is advancing steadily, but currently has to coexist with whatever we do to pay our bills. :)

Anyway, feel free to follow us on Twitter/Facebook if you're interested in our progress!

The game is being developed for Windows first, but we will consider porting it to Linux and Mac too. :)

Thanks, we appreciate!


Thanks! Yes, we will probably add something regarding the difficulty, but the game will still remain tough to beat. :)