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love it so far! anyone else having trouble getting arantis ? Or getting Osario while still being friends w/ arantis (Both as the sweet, moral persona)?

It could be challenging, but not impossible to befriend them both at the same time – that’s because Arantis and Osario have completely different personalities and they don’t go together well. There are some things your MC does or says in front of them both that one approves, while the other disapproves. 

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totally got it! TY! but now i cant get arantis as the innocent girl im embarressed lol

You have no reason to be embarrassed. :)

Do u know if n e one  knows n e  posted hints on how to win characters (Arantis) over? I guess I'm naturally too nice or something heh...


I've already posted some small tips on how to get Arantis. Try using them :)

"Arantis likes a challenge and a little bit of bickering, so don't be too amenable to him. " 

"MC for Arantis: carefree, funny, flirty, energetic, self - confident, sociable, eccentric, quick – witted, sassy."

Oh I'm sorry! I'm such a ditz. Thanks for answering all these you're awesome and i really love this game (and im super picky)! You're awesome and kind for being so interactive with readers. Please keep writing!

I will :)