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Hey! I got this in the BLM bundle for Racial Justice and Equality a while ago, and I've absolutely loved it since. I just upgraded to the most recent version, but unfortunately I noticed that there are a small handful of commands that are missing from previous versions such as "rainbow" or "touch". Was this intentional, or is it simply yet to be added? Also, when I type the number 0, it lights up as though it is the start of a command but I can't find any other keys to complete it. Even if you don't get to any of this stuff, I absolutely love the software you've made; it's so pretty and soothing. Thank you very much for your time, and for the lovely game you've designed.

Hey Shmoopers, thank you for the kind words I'm glad you enjoy it :) the 'rainbow/party' command flashed colors and I decided to remove it because of photo sensitivity. I tried making a fire that was rainbow colored and didn't flash through the colors, but it was muddy and didn't look like a rainbow or very good. If I can make it look decent I'll get it in the next update :) The 'touch' command is one that I decided not to re-implement. Pixel Fireplace is meant to be a nice soothing experience. That command brings to mind pain, and I always felt it didn't really belong so it didn't make the cut for the rewrite. The number 0 is a bug, I have no idea why it's doing that heh. Thank you for letting me know!

I'll add a note to the 1.2.2 DevLog about 'rainbow' 'touch' and the bug with 0.