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I absolutely love this game.  I have not played a turned based game like this in ages.  Especially one that kept me wanting to play more and more.  I just wish I could figure out the next step.  But I am determined.  I apologize if I did not get the pronunciations of the names and locations correctly =(.  I am only up to 2 episodes right now, but I going to keep going.  Save the lycan

I watched both episodes! Thank you for playing and for your enthusiasm! I'm really pleased you liked the game so much :)

PS: you pretty much had the next step figured out by the end!

ahh gah, why did I have to me so smart so late!!!!  I am glad you enjoyed the video, it is such a cool game.  The concept is one of my favorites.  I may like resource management a bit too much.

However, I must know.  The talking sound effects, are they from the age of empires game?  They sound way too familer.  Also, how bad were my pronunciations?

Thank you again for the tip.  I will get this next time!!!!!

Thank you for saying it's one of your favourite concepts! That means a lot to me!

I'm afraid they are not from Age of Empires - they're Russian phrases downloaded from a language pronunciation website. However, the idea of them speaking when you select them or give them instructions is inspired by AoE so I can definitely see why you thought they could be the same sound effects!

As for your pronunciations, I'd actually say you were fairly accurate! :)

Oh no way really?  Yes I am a natural at guessing names muhhahahahahaa(as long as they are not Asian based or symbols or none English type letters, you know what I got lucky darn it). 

 Well I am following the game so I better see some work done!!!!!! =P

I also finished the demo finally by getting the compass.  However, it took almost an hour to do it.  I finally found a good rotation of farming, food, defense, merchant, and rotate which did make it much easier.  But good lord, I know it is the end of the world, but can't we just get the merchant to join us and follow us to the new settlement.  At least we'd get the compass for free!!!

Anyway, keep up the work on it.  I look forward to playing more.