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Glad to hear it! I'll be including that post in the next build of PixelCNC that's released :)

Yup, setup your canvas properties - and remember that it's an XYZ volume within which toolpaths are generated, so if you don't need your cuts to be deeper than a certain amount then you generally don't need a Z-size that's larger than that.

Load up any images/models you want to composite on your canvas, you can rotate, size, and scale by selecting the layer and left/right click-drag the little circle handles that appear, or directly edit the layer's properties on the right-side, including how layers blend together - blending from the bottom up so that a layer's blend mode affects how it composites with everything below it (in terms of how they're ordered in the layers list on the left-side of the window).

Setup your tool(s) and then create your operations to generate toolpaths. Remember to consider your operation parameters carefully, there's still a little work to be done to "shield" the user from entering bad values. After you have a toolpath generated you can go into simulation mode and see what your cuts will look like.

Let me know how it goes!