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thank you, i'm glad you liked it! yes, all the art in this game is made up of tiles, sprites and items beck gave me - if you're not familiar with bitsy, these are 8x8 pixel squares - which I then arranged to create the backgrounds.

I had a few vague ideas for the sprites and tiles I gave beck - i was aiming for a specific vibe i thought fit their style, and art like the heart at the end of their game was actually made of 4 seperate tiles that they had to piece together - but we didn't share anything about what we intended them to be. a lot of the fun was in finding out how the other person interpreted the tiles in a different way to how we intended

The exchange was beck's idea - they'd mentioned it to me a while before we started the project, and I brought it up during lockdown as a way to get back into doing something creative. it was a really fun thing to do, definitely recommend it if you're considering trying it out yourself!


thanks for responding so fast! i'm gonna try this with my friend. maybe there should be a bitsy exquisite corpse jam...

no problem! I'm looking forward to see what you come up with :)