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my full play through here: 

I really enjoyed the game the puzzles were pretty neat I still don't get the sliding statue puzzle the door opened but I have no idea why after sliding statues for like 15 minutes I wasn't going to argue though. The camera flipping and making the move forward control inverted on the boulder run was weird. Overall a pretty great enjoyable game though!
P.S. That jumpscare was insanely rude to about gave me a heart attack. xD
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hey thanks for playing! Unfortunately you've managed to find a bug ive never seen before with the statue puzzle... the door should not have opened and I have no idea why it got triggered XD  its a pressure plate puzzle so you needed to look at the clue on the altar to see which were the correct 2 statues to push onto the correct plates.  If it didnt bug out you would have known that the brother got bitten by a snake and you have the antivenom, hence why he slowly stopped responding with voice towards the end. 

Also managed to show me a bug in the first room with the mirrors as you did have it right with the first beam but then moved it off which then made it buggy for some reason. 

So sorry you had a very buggy game but thank you for playing any way! 

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is it supposed to be the baboon and the owl on the pressure plates? because the baboon was also glitched where he wouldn't move past certain point on the floor I figured they were supposed to go on the plates as well because of the actual plates under them on the line up but he wouldn't move past the halfway point making it impossible to get him on either plate. If you look at where the baboon is at when the door was open that was the furthest I could push him to the right. I edited it out since I was literally moving statues for about 15/20 minutes. Hopefully that helps.


thanks, I just uploaded a new version so hopefully that should be fixed now.  not too sure about the puzzle completing randomly as it hasnt happened before or since but i guess thats what play testing is for! :)