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I've just finished 100%-ing this game and man that was a fun story! I love murder mystery games, and this delivered. The final plot-twist totally flips the story on its head, and as someone who has played a lot of these kind of games I gotta tell you I didn't see it coming.

And now, here are some points/comments:

[+] I think the art style is pretty unique

[+] The story didn't shy away from being funny at times

[+] The story also feels really fleshed out, like all the character background storylines ended up being important for the mystery (which rewarded players who read the bios *hint-hint*)

[+/-] The soundtrack is really good, except for like one song that is just a little too busy and doesn't fit the scenes it's put into

[-] This is kind of dumb but if you don't like gore or blood you probably shouldn't get this, because... you know, murder happens xD

[-] The story has references to pop culture, mostly in item descriptions. I thought they were a little distracting sometimes...

Overall, though. I really enjoyed this game. I'm glad I bought it (^u^)/ !!