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my playthrough (starting at 7:20) here: 

I really dig this game I love the setting of living on the edge during the very dark witch hunt time period by telling fortunes to characters. Some of the options open up other options which makes play throughs feel different even though a lot of the responses remain the same. An ending counter would be great in this type of game and are always appreciated I found 3 endings but there could be a ton more. I also wish the ending scene didn't end in the same dialogue I wish it shed more light on what happened to mr. mouse based on what you did.


Thank you so much for taking the time to play my game and review it!! Your feedback helps me a lot :)

There are 3 endings with slight variations, but you found all the main endings, so well done! Also, good point! I mostly thought about how the choices influence which ending you get, but I didn't really think what would happen to the characters after. But that leaves room for a sequel 👀 Time for a game with the rat on holiday haha.

Thanks again, and I'm really glad you enjoyed my game! :)