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When you buy it on here, will we be able to get a discount or steam code on the steam version when it comes out? And does it have or will it have support for steering wheels and gear shifters?

When you buy it here, it'll give you the APK file that you then import into Sidequest whilst your oculus quest is connected and it downloads onto your unknown sources on the oculus quest (make sure you're in developer mode and also make sure allow unknown sources is on :) ).

I think what I am asking is when it comes out on steam, will I be able to transfer over to the steam version and use my rift s on there or do I have to buy it separately (since I am using my friends quest to play). And in the future, do you have any intentions of adding racing steering wheel and shift knob support to the steam version? Awesome game btw!


Hi, Glad to hear that you loved our game. 

Steam version is different from the quest version with New levels and high end graphics. Thus you will have buy it seperately. If everything goes right we should be able to launch by Dec end or Jan for sure. 

And it will not support steering wheel as the whole game is designed keeping the 6 DOF controls. But yeah, we might think of adding it later on.