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Hi, we have applied for the App Link. We are waiting for the green signal from Oculus team.

Hi, yeah it's coming to steam next month for 15$ . It has different levels with high end graphics.

Hi, Glad to hear that you loved our game. 

Steam version is different from the quest version with New levels and high end graphics. Thus you will have buy it seperately. If everything goes right we should be able to launch by Dec end or Jan for sure. 

And it will not support steering wheel as the whole game is designed keeping the 6 DOF controls. But yeah, we might think of adding it later on. 

Oculus quest is need to play this game

hi, we are working on that update. At the moment cars on the road doesn't change sides based on LHS or RHS. 

Just unlock SUV and you city mode will unlock. In case if it's not working , update the game. You can join our Discord server

Hi Kenondp, 

We are very glad to hear your feedback. We are also working to deliver all the aforementioned features in our future updates, and some more. Follow us on Twitter (@sloppystudios) or Discord ( to stay posted or to participate in our community discussion forums.

Thank you for your support.

- Sloppy Studios

Thanks for the motivation. It means a lot  :) 


Thank you very much for bringing this to us.  We will release an update tomorrow.

And we are working on new features like manually adjusting mirrors and new levels. Stay tuned.  


Sloppy Studio. 


We currently are working on its release across Steam and Oculus Rift. Follow us here for the updates. 


Sloppy Studio. 

Hi BlueSubaru, 

For the  time being, we do not have any plans to publish this title in a non VR platform. But our studio may publish other titles across other non VR platforms in the future. 

Thank you for showing your interest.


Sloppy Studios