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I realy like this game i can not wait for the rest off the game

Thank you so much, rosedragon! And I'm so sorry for this very late reply Q_Q
I sometimes missed a few comments and I've just noticed yours when I was scrolling down the comments!

Hopefully, you're still waiting for me ><

Yes Iam still wating for you and the rest off the games your games are so good i like eveything about the game it is the best game i been playing and i also loved  Legend of The Winged Ones  

Thank you! QuQ 

It makes me feel so glad, relieved, and touched to hear you're willing because you like my game! 

Bermuda's script is 70% completed! SFXs and BGMs library is 95% completed! I only need to finish writing 6 climax scenes & antagonist route before I quickly draw the CGs and programming! 

I'll definitely do my best for my readers, so stay tuned with the updates~