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Forgive the double-post + bump but i had an update:

i managed to get rid of the compile errors by going into the GMLive.gml file and, wherever there was something like

if(expression)++val; else break;

i replaced it with

and that solved about 99 % of the errors. The other issue was with GMLive_std.gml, where buffer_get_size() and buffer_set_size() were being passed too many arguments (these two functions only take 3 parameters instead of 5 in Studio 2.3.1)
My game compiles and runs now, but for some reason now GMLive thinks that Studio's built-in functions such as round() and show_debug_message() are "invalid scripts"

so basically GMLive 1.0.38 still doesn't work for me on Studio 2.3.1 but at least the game compiles and runs