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New S-Link for the normal Twilight


Trying not to add much to Twilight's character at this point as to just expand it out over this link and the next two, so they should be pretty straightforward and not have too many curves. I don't really have much to say other than that; I did do this pretty quickly, so it hasn't really had time to sink in. A fresh set of eyes would be good, just to make sure everything seems in order.


I did try to add an approach option like with what was discussed previously. Does that work?

Finding the approach to be great in this one.

This s-link work more than fine, the question is if two more S-links of only studying is getting tiresome. Would love to throw in a suggestion of somekind of curveball to add, but can't think of anything. 

but nice addition with the party question.

I've actually given that some thought and figured the library portion is done. The next might be good to have her in the clinic from overwork and too little sleep, just to show equal parts run down and dedicated. Either that or an awkward study date at her house.

For 9, a walk to the exam centre might be a good change of pace. And then hang around for her afterwards to walk back And deal with some of that drama. Would be another nice place to check out her bedroom.

That sounds good, either options. Clinic could also introduce redheart, while her home could introduce her mother but with a short hello.