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You're worried about the game's simplicity breaking because of extra moves...
Auto aiming will completely ruin the whole system, the whole point is that your camera angle determines your attack, the camera is completely player controlled and will never auto target anything, otherwise it completely breaks the game!

We've been spoiled by all these God Of War, Dark Souls type automatic games, where you simply press the right button at the right time, sure it is a skill in itself but it's the exact opposite of a real sword fight, in this game it's about guarding and protecting yourself, so the camera never specifically guides you to do anything.

The enemies have the exact same health and attack system as the player, literally, they are all running on the same code,
Think of the game as multiplayer but with the computer running the other players, they aren't just bots or enemy characters, they are fully fledged players with all of the same actions as you, if you can do something, they can.

This is why the game is so hard, the AI is actually extremely aggressive and doesn't care much for it's own safety, unlike the player who wants to last as long as possible.

Each new move will be very carefully crafted in to the game, if it's done properly I can keep the simplicity of the game while adding so much more choices to what the player can do.

I did't noticed the correlation about camera POV and attack.. well, it that case you're right on all. Really good exhausting explanation, no doubts anymore. You are very smart and I'm in totally in your hands! :)