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Says the .exe file is missing and I don't have any antivirus program installed. I already tried downloading and

What's your operating system?

Same thing here. I am using windows 10. It was running fine yesterday and today it says that it is a .py file

I've seen this a few times with Windows 10. Windows 10 is deleting the .exe file without giving you warning or an option. The problem is, I haven't seen a fix for this and I don't know why it's doing that on some computers while most people are able to download and play it just fine /:

What I did was try to rextract the files and then cancel while it was copying. The .exe file returned and my save files were still there. Totally happened by accident but that's how I got to play it again.

Windows 8, but already got it working now, was a big dummy and just had to move everything over to a brand new folder.


i had this problem to but i seemed to fix it what i did was went to this PC opened windows (C:) then i selected users them my name which is Teague then selected downloads then Asagao Academy-win then lib then windows-i686 then i right clicked asagao academy and hit run as administrated then yes and it opened hope this helped ( and so far i have to do this every time for it to work)

Very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be able to pass thing along to others who are having this issue!