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Sorry for the late response! First off, thanks a lot for making a video on the game! We're glad you enjoyed playing the game and Planet Zargoth is definitely sporting some nice dental-planned teeth and Colossorama by the end of it! Congratulations on reaching the 100 Happiness goal you've set as well!

We've been commenting this on pretty much every video that been made on the game so far, but yes, we certainly need to tweak the number of times that fires and ice ages happen during the game. But hey, just as you mentioned, maybe they could use your planet as an inspiration for Ice Age 6 (yes, they're making a sixth movie already).

We do wonder which of the endings you would have obtained if you kept going with your planet though! The 'Poverty Line' option that appeared by the end of the video was one of them, although it is one of the more bummer endings. If you do revisit the game, let us know! Also for a tip, don't be afraid to pick 'One More Choice!'. It definitely helps speed up the game! ;)

Thank you once more for playing and for the entertaining video!