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Hello, I've a problem importing over 1000 of the props from CS:GO, the error in the log file is different depending on the HammUEr/UE4 version. On the latest (1.7.1 / 4.16) it looks like this.

The ones starting with "Tried to find..." are imported, the others aren't.  Here's the underlined model missing in the viewport.

 When I rebuild the material master list after importing materials/textures, some extra props show up but not much really. The corresponding material to the missing models are imported flawlessly, it's only the models itself. As you can see, they show up in PropUEr window, they just fail to import. 

Please help, if possible, these missing props are detrimental for my personal work. Thanks for understanding!

EDIT: I've some extra info I forgot to mention. Joe Wintergreen, someone who has been promoting your work has made a video on how to import Dust 2 from CS:GO with HammerUEr. He happens to be missing the same exact props as well so I can't be the only one. Another important thing to note is that some people been able to import the props I'm missing but they didn't seem to do anything fancy nor did they have this issue at all to begin with.

Some of CSGO's files as shipped are, for lack of a better word, corrupted.
However, there is a solution for this: delete the <filename>.vtx file, but make sure you leave <filename>.dx90.vtx in place.
That should let you import them.

While I'm at it, quite a lot of them also have the wrong internal filename that overlaps with another one, and since I'm using that to name them, there'll be "missing" and "wrong" models because of this. The little checkbox to the right forces HammUEr to use the filename instead of the internal one, and should take care of most of them problems. (You might have to re-import the "real" name ones if some of them got overwritten anyway)


Thanks m8, all of my problems are solved through following your instructions. I'm a happy customer!