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Hey, Oasis was originally built as a WebGL game, so the usual unity screen resolution menu was taken out. I added the menu and re -uploaded the mac build. So if you download the new version, you can choose your preferred screen resolution as the game launches.

hope that helps!

i get the error on mac "The application "OasisScreenFix" can't be opened"

hey meow, thanks for all of your comments. So I went from using mac to windows right when i finished developing this game. I guess I was compressing the mac folder as a ".rar" archive instead of ".zip" . Anyway, I uploaded a new version that has been properly compressed. Just tested on a mac book pro and it worked fine. Again, thanks for pointing out these issues... bedroom game development is a constant learning process.

Thanks! it works!

but i am finding bugs where when i set it to 1440x900 (my screen res) the "ready" text is not in the center.

Good to know thanks. Doesn't affect the gameplay tho?