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Your reaction to "Make Anime Real" has to possibly be our new favorite reaction to one of the in-game actions yet. It's even more amusing that the ones we've seen so far. Every new video it seems the more we realize we should have been a bit more laid-back when it came to setting the fire events probability. We'll make sure to actually nerf the fire the next time we update the game. Our bad. :P

Thanks a lot for making a video on the game! It was really entertaining to watch and we're glad you got the GameDev Ending! That ending was honestly a last minute addition, but it's still our favorite ending so far. It was really surprising, especially since how close you were to getting the Zombie Apocalypse ending. Glad to see you are that proud of your small ideal planet!

As for the resemblance to Sort the Court, yes, it was indeed (and still is) our main inspiration for the game! We wanted something that people could play and try to find all the actions/consequences/endings as they played along, as well as develop something that we could easily iterate upon (which we still haven't had a change to do, but we hope to at some point). Thank you again for playing, and we're glad you enjoyed the game!