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I've played the game for 2 days now! It's an amazing game with an interesting storyline! There were many grammar issues, but it's understandable.  All the choices were a bit overwhelming, but I guess as you said, there's a lot of options to explore for yourself! 

With that being said, it really is quite difficult to get good endings for the guys. I've been trying to get Osario, but I always end up failing Xander's test of character. Can someone give me any tips to make  Xander's test of character pass? I tried reloading to an older save file and acting nicer to him (while focusing more of my choices to be about Osario) Do I just have to be completely affectionate to Xander? 

I believe it would be quite helpful if there was a list of hints, if a walkthrough isn't possible to be made. It will really help more players (and to avoid more comments asking for help) But that's just my wish, because there really is too many choices that sometimes may or may not influence your endings. I suppose I'm too used to having some sort of "good choice indicator" or a walkthrough that let's smoothly move on to each of my desired endings. Nonetheless, the effort to create this game was tremendous, and it overall amazing. 

You don't have to romance Xander for him to pass his character's test. Your MC just has to help him be "a better man" - merciful,  collected... Don't let him become angry, vengeful or act selfish, but most of all don't let him kill anyone if there is another solution!

I will try to make a list of hints  you've suggested in the nearest future :) 

As promised I've added some hints on how to get certain guys.