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Aw, thank you so so much. The school is currently a work in progress and is actually almost done it will be implemented within the next few updates (tell me what you think :p ). Interaction with students will be of vital importance for the final result of the game but currently I am not focusing on it until all of the other core features are finished. Thanks for the sensitivity advice I'll take it into consideration (I have a mouse with sensitivity adjustment so I honestly couldn't tell). If you would like to support Obsession and my future projects it would mean so much to me if you would join my discord server in the description if you haven't it's a wonderful way for you to contribute to the project by giving me suggestions and advice. You could also apply to volunteer (more info in discord) if you really wanted to help there are plenty of things that I could use help with :).

I'm stuck with downloading the game. I download it but it doesn't download in a zip folder for me to extract the game and run it. It downloads in a rar folder and whenever I open it, it opens the notepad with a different language. How do I get it to download for me to play? Thanks will this help? its a certain app for extracting RAR files

ok thanks. I’ll try it

I will definitely join your Discord server, and you can count on me with suggestions or things like that. Seriously, the game has a lot of potential, I wish you all the success <3