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I would like to add Linux and MacOS support although Linux will probably come out first as I could test it alot easier. The problem with supporting MacOS is I don't have a Apple computer therefore it would be extremely difficult to even export the game for newer version of MacOS. Supporting different backends is fairly easy, changing the current one used ingame would probably prove to be more difficult than implementing a different backend. I plan to implement all of the things you've mentioned above in the future :)

There are lower game options go into the settings menu and click on graphics. You could also turn your resolution down

The game will slowly move away from Yandere Simulator, the story isn't really public yet all I can say is that the description is from Akari's POV not based on any reality :)

Well, later on I want to have different mechanics than Yandere Simulator but thats a work in progress. Senpai is still a work in progress and reacts to murder at the current moment, I still need to get him to react to corpses. Thank you :)

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Lo siento si esta gramática es mala, estoy usando un traductor, solo hablo inglés. Muchas gracias. Realmente no puedo hacer nada acerca de la resolución que conozco porque sería más un error del motor del juego y nadie más tiene problemas con eso. La música será reemplazada pronto, pero debería dar el mismo tipo de sensación. Gracias por comentar, Thorn

Aw, thank you so so much. The school is currently a work in progress and is actually almost done it will be implemented within the next few updates (tell me what you think :p ). Interaction with students will be of vital importance for the final result of the game but currently I am not focusing on it until all of the other core features are finished. Thanks for the sensitivity advice I'll take it into consideration (I have a mouse with sensitivity adjustment so I honestly couldn't tell). If you would like to support Obsession and my future projects it would mean so much to me if you would join my discord server in the description if you haven't it's a wonderful way for you to contribute to the project by giving me suggestions and advice. You could also apply to volunteer (more info in discord) if you really wanted to help there are plenty of things that I could use help with :).