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I only created an account here to thank you for this wonderful game, you managed to create a loveable characters, a main one especially (usually female heroes annoys me, but not this one), and there are so many choices, first time in my life a have played through  all game in one day, and I play a lot of otome games, but this one is sure special! I would pay more compliments to it, but my English isn't that eloquent =0

You're most welcome :) I'm glad you've enjoyed my game. Don't be so modest, your English is great!

thanks! is it your first game?  it's do well-written and funny,  if there are any of your other games, I would love to play them. So many choices reminds me of bioware games and nwn's dance with rogues, I believe you have a great talent!

ps. your womanizer mage character is awesome!

Thank you. This is my first game, but hopefully it won't be the only one :)