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Yeah, I think the game is good but it's a bit buggy and poorly optimized. I got random freezes time to time, but I was able to almost finish it (96% and I can't play further because loading time is abysmal at the later stages). 

Also I don't think player allowed to ride this thing all around the map:

It is very poorly optimised and I think that's the problem most people are experiencing (Which sucks). I'm going to try make some tweaks to improve the performance.

Please enjoy the magic carpet responsibly.

Hey, I did a little bit of optimization and I think I've fixed the movement bug, so you should still be able to move even if there is stuttering. It should take a while to load in the first instance, but if you pressed undo once and save the game by quitting, it should load much faster from then on. Hopefully the new download improves performance.


Oh, thank you for such a quick fix, but it seems my save doesn't load at all now. You can download it here, maybe it helps.

Uh Oh. I'll have a look and see if I can recover your save.

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Unforunately I can't recover your save. Due to the poor way I was previously saving data, the deserializer just times out because there's to much to work through.

I've fixed how saving works now so it should work from the beginning, but if anyone is also experiencing this issue (And because the game's still a bit buggy), I've uploaded V1.31. This version has a dev command to toggle gravity, so you can skip puzzles you've already done. If anyone sends me a DM on Twitter, I can pass you the command.